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Rothschild Wisconsin Roofing

Look no further than Kimmons Roofing for your Rothschild Wisconsin roofing company.  We service many areas including Rothschild Wisconsin.

At Kimmons Roofing, we provide only quality workmanship from the start of your project to the completion in Rothschild Wisconsin.

Our entire team at Kimmons Roofing are trained and certified Roofing Specialists. Our company is known for our prompt and professional service. We provide commercial, industrial, and residential roofing in Rothschild Wisconsin. Kimmons Roofing prides itself to have the “owner on the job site” daily ensuring all quality work is being completed to to the customer’s satisfaction.

Utilizing tons of industry knowledge – and a little elbow grease – we guarantee your roof will become a reliable shield for years to come. Let our roofing and ventilation experts  at Kimmons Roofing install your next Duro-Last roof with the same precision and skill we’ve provided our customers for decades. Duro-Last is the best commercial roofing system in the business in Rothschild Wisconsin. Paired with the practiced skill of the Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation staff, you are guaranteed exceptional and affordable quality and service.

Hash out your specific needs with our commercial flat/low slope, Duro-Last roofing and ventilation specialists.

Let’s start today. For more information on the “World’s Best Roof,” call (715) 539-0943

Why? Kimmons Roofing

Kimmons Roofing and Ventilation Company Award
  • A licensed, insured and financially stable company
  • Fast, detailed quotes with precise pricing
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Experienced, trained and professional work crew with the owner on every job site
  • Company is equipped with the proper safety equipment required by OSHA
  • Thorough clean up daily
  • Dump trailer used to haul roofing debris instead of dumpsters that damage your driveway and property
  • All installations are completed to manufactures specifications to guarantee full product warranty
  • Highly recommended by past customers. Referral list including all past customers

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